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Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix

Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix: Why Homeowners Should Update This Type of Plumbing Material

In homes built between 1978 and 1995, polybutylene pipes were often used in plumbing projects rather than copper because they were less expensive and easier to install. These plastic resin pipes were used around the country, but particularly in the Mid-Atlantic States, the southern U.S., and parts of the Pacific Northwest. Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix is now common as many homeowners are updating because of concerns with the problems these pipes may create.

The Problem With Polybutylene

The problems with these pipes did not become apparent until after a few decades of use. Any plumbing pipe can become damaged over time and need replacement, but there were specific concerns with polybutylene pipes. With copper, the exterior condition is often indicative of the condition of the interior. This is not the case with polybutylene. Even pipes that seem to be in perfect condition may split unexpectedly because of their tendency to decay on the inside first. This is why, when polybutylene pipes are present, they should be replaced during any plumbing renovation even if they appear to be in good condition. In fact, it is recommended that all polybutylene pipes be replaced before a rupture occurs.

How Replacement is Done

When preparing for Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix, homeowners should request a complete inspection, inside and out, to identify where all of this piping may be located. New pipes will be installed along the same paths as the old pipes, with all lines run before they are hooked into the water source. This will prevent the homeowner from being without water during the replacement and will prevent the old pipes from bursting when connected to higher-pressure pipes. The old pipes can be removed, but because this is expensive and may require opening up walls and floors, it is usually not done. The old pipes will be completely disconnected from any water source so will not be any risk to the home.

Polybutylene Replacement in PhoenixContacting a plumbing company is the only way to receive an accurate estimate for the cost of removal and replacement. Too many variables like how many bathrooms are in the home, whether the pipes are inside only or outside as well, and how easy it is to access the plumbing are factors. What material is being used, either copper or PVC, to replace the old pipes will also affect the price. Generally, Polybutylene Replacement in Phoenix can cost anywhere from $1,500-$7,000.


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