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Water Softener Installation in Phoenix

Improve Efficiency and Extend the Life of Appliances With a Water Softener Installation in Phoenix

Hard water is an issue experienced in hundreds of cities across the United States, and Phoenix is included in that list. While the minerals leaching into fresh water sources and causing them to be characterized this way are not particularly detrimental, they can have certain negative impacts. Those elements are notorious for building up in dishwashers and washing machines, shortening the lifespans of such appliances. They can also leave a cloudy residue on faucets, cause discoloring of clothes and linens, make hair appear dull, and lead to red, itchy patches of skin.

Though public water treatment facilities have little effect on those troublesome minerals, they can be eliminated and balance restored with a water softener installation in phoenix. The process involves an ion exchange system where water is passed through specially designed resins. Calcium and magnesium, the two most common minerals present in hard water, are removed and replaced with sodium or potassium.

After being filtered across those resins, water no longer holds the same potential to damage appliances. Soap, shampoo, and detergents tend to lather more effectively using smaller amounts, and water heaters are reported to operate more efficiently. Still, some experts note additional problems could ensue following water softener installation in phoenix.

Since sodium often takes the place of magnesium and calcium, health professionals warn softened water should not be consumed by those with high blood pressure or having the potential for developing this condition. The newly-infused minerals have also been found to latch onto lead and other contaminants in pipes and faucets. As such, the water softener installation in phoenix may need to be reinforced through a reverse osmosis filtration system. These remove lead, copper, chlorine, and additional common elements from water, improving its taste and viability, but they do not actually provide a softening effect.

Combining a waWater Softener Installation in Phoenixter softener installation in phoenix with whole-house water filtration can eliminate the existence of naturally-occurring substances present in the area’s public or private supplies, greatly extending the life of appliances and ensuring safety for functional use and consumption alike. Enlisting the aid of the Phoenix best plumbing services in these efforts may provide an additional element of security. Receive the utmost levels of quality and courtesy from highly trained professionals while purifying life’s most essential component.

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